With more than 400 types of commodities and an account of approximately one-eight of the value, California is by far the leader of the US agricultural sector; most of the country’s fruits and vegetables are harvested at Californian fields. For this high-valued crops as well as for many others, LIDA provides specialized quality products for plant nutrition and stress fight.

As a solution to deciduous trees and vines bud-breaking, LIDA presents Actysave®, a non-pesticide product safe to the plant, neighbour crops, environment, and humans. As the following stage of the nutrition program, Lidafol®PL and Rental® set up the blossom stage getting a better fruit set and finally Stimfruit® is suggested for optimal sizing.

When it comes to berries and vegetables, the work is done from below, starting from the roots, followed by preparation, and optimization of all physiological processes associated with productivity. Please contact Lida agronomic advisors for supportive service, we are ready to provide preferred products and detailed data for your convenience.


Almost all country’s hazelnuts are produced in Oregon. From bud-breaking to post-harvest fertilization LIDA offers specialized products developed to trigger the most important mechanisms at each phenological phase, primary promoters and boosters designed for resource optimization. Ask for advice for the hazelnut specific nutrition program.

Over eight-thousand business and near 180 million barrels, the beer industry is among the main in the US, and this sector is dependent on hops crop; Oregon contributes near 13% acreage and around 15% harvest. Our high performance liquid and dry fertilizers are specifically designed to enhance stand establishment, vegetative growth, reproductive differentiation and cone setting and size.

Remarking green legumes (peas and beans) importance in state farming, we introduce: Lidafol®PL plus Stimfruit® tank-mix is as an efficient tool to increase pod set and sizing.


Washington is the national leader in a dozen crops including some fruit trees, berries, and vegetables. Among most of them, calcium is an important issue: bitter-pit on apples, and cavity-spot on carrots, as an example, these are major concerns for respective growers, and calcium nutrition the main strategy to avoid them. Calciolid® is LIDA´s solution: an organomineral complex of quick response for both fertigation and foliar spray; and Signalin®, a seafood by-product strengthener, it is also a helpful tool with many other functions, that at cell level boost calcium intake on wall and cytoplasm, driving processes to do more efficient the calcium usage by the plant.

For apple, pear, cherry, and sweet corn, LIDA has developed specific nutrition programs designed for harvest homogeneity and fruit size, as well as higher tolerance to the stress imposed by biotic factors as pathogens.


Potatoe is by far the most representative crop from Idaho´s agriculture, one-third of this commodity produced in the US is provided by this state, at the same time is the main source of its agricultural income; Idaho is also the second sugarbeet producer and the first yellow onion producer. For these crops, Stimfruit® is designed to increase early growth and improve size potential through enzymatic optimization of cell division, multiplication, and differentiation mechanisms.

On beans, Trevian® and Rental® are the right choices for better branching, leaves strengthen, and pre-bloom primming.

Actysave® can be used on Kentucky bluegrass seed production for reproductive transition, and bloom homogenization.


With over two hundred thousand acres planted and harvested, alfalfa is the leading crop in the state. With Rental® treatments at the beginning of season, after each harvest , and before season ending, high shoot populations are assured such us maximized hay yield trough higher leaves growth rates.

High valued commodities such us mint, fruits and vegetables are also significant despite the smaller acreage. Taking in consideration abundant sunshine, low rainfall and humidity impose growing conditions characterized by high transpiratory rates; Lidatrition® is a liquid fertilizer that provides cell support, structure protection and improved plant productivity to avoid biomass losses trough great effort phenological phases.


The arid and semi arid climate from Arizona, in addition to day /night temperature variation are suitable for vegetables, cotton and hay-forage farming. It is also remarkable the presence of greenhouses and nurseries. For all these crops LIDA offers a targeted plant nutrition program covering any growth stage need.

As an example, crucifers and leafy greens need an efficient photosynthetic system and lignin production mechanism to protect the structures and keep the deeper green color bringing quality to the harvest; Talocuper® is a liquid fertilizer designed to this aim, in combination with Signalin® you can expect healthier and vigorous plants, and high rates of resource usage.

Lidafol®KL can be used both on leafy or fruit crops protecting foliage against excessive water loss. It helps leafy greens to gain the turgor needed for market requirements, and on fruits as melons improving the sugar accumulation as well as other processes related to organoleptic changes that set up color, firmness and shelf-life.


Texas total income from agriculture is second place behind California. LIDA liquid and dry fertilizers are suitable for any crop, including grain, cereals and cotton, the primary produced in the state. Stimfruit® and Lidafol®PL combination at boot and square to flower stages, increases grain and boll bearing and improves growth potential.

Our specific nutrition programs for citrus, pecans and peaches, provide the needs for the overall season stages from promoting shoots, leaves development and blooming to fruit setting, sizing and quality improvement.

Root system invigoration is one of our specialties, through Vitalroot® and Signalin® you can be sure your veggie crop will have a start to rocket the canopy and drive better nutrients uptake. Protection against environmental factors and enzymatic activation by LIDA products prepare the plant for optimal resource usage obtaining the yield and quality you are looking for.

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