Non-pesticide bud breaker for deciduous trees and vines

Soy protein derivated fertilizer specially designed to homogenize sprouting, blooming and harvest on fruit trees and vines after be applied as bud swell or green/pink/red tips spraying treatment

• Works on glutathione and ascorbate pathways, both crucial for the detoxification of hydrogen peroxide

• More efficient use of energy and resources by the plant outcoming vigorous reproductive organs more fit for fruit set and following growth

By itself Actysave does not involve any other risk for health and environment; does not have special directions for the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), closed systems for mixing and loading, or enclosed cab application vehicle; and neither risk of injury to early developed tissues of the target crop or hazards for cover and neighbor crops.

Ask Lida technical team for better application timming in your crop

Sprouting homogeneity, fruit-bearing and ripening uniformity, and finally higher harvest yield and/or quality are commonly noticed with Actysave application